Yeast infection pictures

What does a yeast infection look like?

The graphic genital pictures are

This one isn't too bad.

It's there, but the infection hasn't really taken root yet.

yeast infection photo

Compare this to the one above.

Take a look at the next couple and imagine what it could look like on the inside, in your digestive system if you ignore it.

yeast infection pictures

The tongue is a good place to see what a yeast infection looks like.

It's scraped by teeth and food a lot, so it's hard for it to take root, but it has all those buds to take root on.

I think it provides nice contrasts.

Especially the one to the upper left.

Look at the patches. It's a very good example of cluster fungus.

a yeast infection looks like
yeast infection photo

Here is a good contrast between normal and infected.

yeast infection photo

In this yeast infection photo, you can see that it's not always dramatic.

It starts off looking like a simple rash.

Below you can see how it's really invaded the cells and is coming out through the skin.

Any place that is warm, moist and has the right pH will do.

Even if it is a simple fold of skin.

Looks like it really itches.

This is what a yeast infection looks like to your gynecologist.

yeast infection photo

Even Athletes foot is a type of yeast. Here is an athletes foot yeast infection picture.

These are systemic infections.

Follow the link to find out more about them.