Why do I feel this way?



This yeast infection occurred because your body has too much to deal with, become toxic and a perfect breeding ground for yeast.

There is a reason you got it. You didn't have it last week or last month or sometime in the past. What happened? Why are you getting it now?

So, candida is both a cause and a symptom of something deeper and an irritating problem all on its own.

It's estimated that 1 out 3 people have a yeast related illness. WHY WE KNOW IT CAUSES SO MANY DIFFERENT PROBLEMS

In 1978, C. Orian Truss MD, beginning with the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, published a series of papers noting that there seemed to be a relationship between systemic yeast infections and clinical depression.

In 1982, he published the book, "The missing diagnosis."

In 1979, William G. Crook MD, began treating and continuing the research about systemic candida after reading Dr. Truss and his studies.

In 1983, he published the 1st edition of "The yeast connection", and two years later, he established the International Health Foundation.

So, you see, you aren't going crazy. Even if the general tests can't seem to find what's wrong with you, most physicians still don't test for yeast. YOU need to ask that you're tested for it by blood or stool.

A little later, S. Colet Lahoz RN, undertook a research study. It was determined that those who followed the 'Lahoz regimen' involving diet, nutritional supplements and an anti-candida, colon-cleansing treatment had better results then those who just tried either a 'magic pill' or a diet and anti-fungal drug formula.



What upsets the system and puts it out of balance so that it becomes a breeding ground for candida?

The answer is anything that disrupts your body and stops it from running smoothly.

For example:

* Chronic overeating

* Fake food

* Processed

* Artificial flavors/ sweeteners/ colors

* Stabilizers and preservatives

* Injected hormones

Any food that's de-mineralized, de-vitalized and genetically messed with too much. Unnatural ones lacking any friendly bacteria, enzymes and probiotics.

* Too much 'bad' fat (trans and hydrogenated)

* Not enough good fat (like flax and the Omegas)

* Lack of dietary fiber

* Too much sugar intake (This is a big one, and my own personal beast. Yeast infections thrive on sugar)

* Antibiotics

* Diabetes

* Mercury fillings and/or bad dental work

* Disease

* Obesity

* Anorexia

* Being on a binge (food, alcohol, drugs)

* Purging

* Stress

* Vaccinations that temporarily weaken the immune system

* Weakened immune systems

* Immune suppression therapy

* Corticosteroids (like asthma inhalers)

* Dehydration, not drinking enough water

* Lack of sunlight

* Pregnancy

* Stress

* Lack of exercise

* Chemicals in our air, furniture, clothes, walls, work environment

* A change of acidity

* Not enough stomach acid

* Acid build up in pockets of the intestines or even your throughout your entire body

You get the idea. Your body needs you to take care of it. Neglect will cause it to begin breaking down and not being able to process all the garbage we put into it.


A stagnant intestinal system is of particular concern. Not only because it makes it a lot easier to develop candida, but because of "leaky gut".

Leaky gut is when you have a yeast infection and the roots burrow into and perhaps through the intestinal lining. The fecal matter is able to enter other systems like your blood stream. Toxicity ensues because your slowly being poisoned by your own raw sewage.

Gross huh.



* Constipation (This is a major symptom as a stagnant intestinal tract means pockets of acid and bacteria and fungus have time to grow, put down roots and make you really sick)

* A craving for sweets (or pastas and chips)

* Dandruff

* Headaches

* Migraine headaches

* Memory loss

* Loss of mental focus

* Allergies and sinus problems with a lot of mucus

* Dental problems

* Bad breath

* Thrush

* Mouth tastes like bread

* White, sensitive, creamy coated tongue

* Ear infections

* Frequent gas

* Bloating

* Indigestion

* Joint pain

* Tight muscles

* Dry, flaky or cracked skin (extremely painful)

* Rashes

* Insomnia

* Chronic fatigue

* Mood swings

* Irritability

* Flu-like symptoms

* Frequent diarrhea or very loose stools

* Vaginitis

* Creamy and/or curd-like discharge

* Itching that drives you crazy

* Jock itch

* Prostate problems (Luckily this seems to be rare)

* Athletes foot

* And other symptoms

Most people think a yeast infection is when your vagina becomes itchy and white discharge comes out.

But it can infect and disrupt your entire system.

Want to see what

a yeast infection looks like?