Garlic for yeast infections,
A very good idea

Garlic is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic, anti-parasitic... The list goes on.

For vaginal yeast infections peel a clove (try not to break the 'skin'), wrap it in a sterile cheesecloth, tie it closed with dental floss, leave a long string for easy removal and shove it right up.

It's good for about 8 to 12 hours. For best results, alternate with a pro-biotic like acidophilus [either yogurt, 3 acidophilus capsules in a pint (16 oz) of water or a cabbage douche].

The best way to take garlic for yeast infections is raw and direct. Depending on whether you're using it internally or vaginally; Either eat it, or use the cheese-cloth method.

This is also good as a sitz-bath. You may want to pour a capful of castor oil into the bath, or lightly dab the affected area with castor oil to keep it from burning too much.

Here are some good things to know about using it:

* Garlic has an anti-clotting action in the blood (Which is good for preventing some types of strokes and heart attacks).
If you are taking blood thinners, or certain supplements (like vitamin E, or fish oil), keep this in mind.
Better yet, talk about this with the practitioner of your choice whom you trust.

* 5 or 6 teaspoons (small spoonfuls) of extract a day will give your blood serum sufficient anti-fungal action against many types of fungus.
* Take 3 capsules 3X (times) daily.
* An oral dose can be up to a dozen (12) raw cloves either chopped up or liquefied in a blender.
* Cranberries, although not as good as garlic for yeast infections, have Arbutin. Which is an anti-candida compound. Cranberries and garlic are a pretty formidable mix.
* Carrots make garlic easier to digest, and cut down on the odor emanating from your pores.
* For body fungus, liquefy cloves in the blender and apply to the affected area with a cotton ball. Mix it with a little castor oil so that it doesn't burn so badly when applied.
* If you're going to cook it, do so at low temperatures (steaming for a short time is even better), because the active compounds burn easily.
* Alternate garlic with a probiotic. It's pretty easy to make

Another reason I strongly suggest garlic for yeast infections is because it is anti-parasitic.

It is common to find that when you have a systemic candida, you have parasites. We humans have more parasites then we would ever want to know about. The yeast that coats your intestines is ideal for feeding and protecting the little critters.

I won't go into that here, this page is about garlic and yeast infections, but when I get to the colon cleansing section, I'll add a link, and put the two together.

In the mean time, up your garlic intake, and alternate with probiotics.