Chamomile for yeast infections,
I wouldn't be without it.

Chamomile, Yeast infections

Using chamomile as a yeast infection home remedy is surprisingly effective.
It eliminates yeast.
It does this by stimulating production of white blood T cells which 'gobble up' yeast, and enhance immunity. It also kills staphylococcus.

It is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and an anti-fungal. (As well as having mild itch relieving properties.)

It sooths menstrual cramps and reduces the risk of premature labor, but in medicinal doses, promotes menstruation. So if you decide to use it in a douche form, make it weak, and don't use it when there is a possibility for your cervix to be dilating for delivery.
In very large doses can cause nausea and vomiting in some people. If this happens to you, use your common sense and reduce the amount your taking.
It is also the cousin to ragweed, so if you are allergic to ragweed, you should keep this information in mind and adjust accordingly.


Tea- 3 Cups of tea a day (use 2 or 3 full spoonfuls of the flowers).
Breath in the vapors. (This became a bedtime ritual for me at one time.)
Tincture- 1/2 to a full spoonful of tincture.
Capsules- Follow the directions on the package.
Regular bath- Add a handful of flowers into the bath. This is good for general stress relief. Breath in the vapors.
Sitz-bath - 2 handfuls.
Douche- Use tea strength unless your pregnant. Then make the tea weak, and don't use when you begin to dilate.


You can use Chamomile as a yeast infection home remedy that has affected the skin. Drink the tea, and dab the used tea bag on the affected area.
If the area is on your arm, or bottom, a good way to get relief is in a sitz-bath.
You can also use the spent tea bags over arthritic joints and over the eyes to sooth puffiness and reduce dark circles. (good for allergy season).
The oil reduces the time it takes for burns to heal.

Take a small jar
Loosely fill with flowers
Cover with olive oil or even better, coconut oil which is a natural anti-fungal and doesn't spoil as quick (add a little castor oil and significantly increase its effectiveness in reducing itchiness).
Cap it tight
Leave it in the sun for 2 weeks
Strain (or not), store in the frig and use as needed
This also makes a good massage oil for sore muscles and lower back seizing.


Using chamomile for yeast infections is a good idea because its a mild tranquilizer.
Stress contributes many factors as to how severe your yeast infection is.
It's gentle (you can safely give a weak tea to a colicky infant),
a tranquilizer (it binds to the same receptors that valium does),
and the german variety is one of the few herbs that actually helps regenerate the liver (which takes a real beating trying to clean up the acidic system, yeast infection and the stress hormones).

It won't knock you out, like valarian, and you can use it continuously without having to take a break from it, like you have to with other herbs.
It's a safe, mild alternative that takes the edge off the day, and allows the body to recuperate.
Japanese researchers did some tests, and when they used chamomile oil, stress hormones reduced significantly.


It's a very effective antispasmodic.
The German counterpart to the FDA (Commission E) endorses it for speeding the healing of numerous gastrointestinal illness.

One reason is because it smooths, sooths and relaxes the digestive tract with a compound called bisabolol.
Which is why it is good for speeding the healing digestive tract disorders (especially stress induced ones) including yeast infections, ulcers, and indigestion.

When you consider the effect it has on the digestive system, how it eliminates yeast, and that you can take it continuously; It's easy to see why I appreciated chamomile as a natural remedy when I was working on my yeast infection.