Two things:

First; This site is not meant to diagnose and take the place of common sense, or the doctor you use.
In fact, I used a doctor to make sure that it was a yeast infection and not something else. I suggest you do the same.

I have had candida and (being the little herb lover that I am)I wanted natural ways to get rid of it.

I spent over a year, on this specific topic. Reading books, asking questions, and surfing from site to site and I found that (interesting, yet) inconvenient. I thought you would like to know what I found out, so I'm sharing with you.

I don't guarantee any results, you should use your own common sense when taking care of your body, that includes the fact that what worked for me, may not work for you.
You are responsible for your own health.

I'm my own candida expert, and I encourage you to be the same. I can but share what I know, and what worked for me, and others.

Second thing:

The FTC wants me to let you know if I plan to make any money on this site.


I think this is an important topic. It certainly affected me in a very personal way.

There is a lot of confusion about yeast infections and natural remedies out there and I've devoted months and months and long months of research to finding the best information and products so that I could get my own candida to chill out.

So yeah. I'm having a blast building this site, learning web design and marketing skills. It would be nice to be able to pay some bills with it.

I also find personal satisfaction that all my research may help more then just me.
It takes quite a bit of time to sort through all the information out there, and verify the accurate gems.

I'm hoping to shorten the time that another is suffering from this.